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Friday, 9 December 2016

ACTION DIRECTE-La Nouvelle Conspiration-(Self Released-France-2001)

Great cd by this amazing french band playing ska punk with political lyrics sung in french.
The booklet reports lyrics,nice pics and few useful info too.
It was released on vinyl on the same year by the french label Hippycore Records with a slightly different cover sleeve.
For all the lovers of political ska-punk ,this is a great album.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

58-Get Back In-(Not On Label-c46-Usa(?)-199?)

Another mistery tape!There is no address or any info on the cover sleeve and I cannot remember who sent me this tape back in the 90s.
Somehow I have gut feelings that this artist, simply called 58, might be associated to the american label Oral Gestation Artefacts, I am not 100% sure anyway. The cassette offer us 2 long tracks with lots of spoken words,noises,ambient and some more talks.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

BUMPERS-Bumpers-(Self Released-Belgium-1996)

Good demo by this Belgian band playing a nice pop punk a la Ramones!
10 well recorded and very catchy tracks sung in english. 
I guess this is their first tape and I don`t know if they released anything else.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday, 4 December 2016

MYTH AMERICA-Mail Art Exhibition-(Fanzine-Usa+Global Networking-1991)

Amazing documentation about this Mail Art Project and Exhibition organized by different art associations in Usa.
It includes a very good articles about the history of the mail art by John Held Jr.
 Enjoy it.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

ABDULLAH SHERATON-Briteszkiot!-(Self Released-France-2011)

7 tracks of pure furious primal  punk rock from this French band.
This is their second self released cd and their official webpage is here. 
High energy garage punk well played with a good recording.
Enjoy it.
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Friday, 2 December 2016

EIACULAZIONE AMUSICALE-First Tape-Work-(Unreleased-Not On Label-Untitled-Italy-1990)

This is the very first cassette by E.A. Collective.A ghost project covered many times in this blog now. Some of these recordings were done by a few friends in a couple of discharges back in 1989!! Some others were just experiments with a 4-track recorder with no ideas behind them. A non-sense creativity flow.
Nobody knows why this tape was never eventually released. Maybe it was because it was never meant to be a proper release, but just a fun experiment. Some of those songs were then used for other tape-works, or as re-works for other songs. Most were sent as contributions for compilation tapes later in the 90s.  For this musical project E.A. means Non-musical Ejaculation. 
Enjoy it.
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Track listing:
01. Nil nisi bonum
02. Finestre sulla pena - I
03. Inutile enigma
04. Abrasione
05. Tutti al macello - I
06. Automozione
07. A Piano Shred
08. Agonia
09. Vessazione vocale
10. Contorsioni
11. NRP - Nessuna Regola Prestabilita
12. Oasi del rantolare
13. Liquame
14. Esalazione mistica - I
15. Stralci di... (a)
16. Stralci di... (b)
17. Stralci di... (c)

Thursday, 1 December 2016

LUCHA AUTONOMA/RABIA PROLETARIA-[Demo Split]-Militancia Punk-(JAR Kore-Mexico-1997)

Split demo with 2 mexican punk bands both playing HC punk mixed with some ska and both very politically involved in social struggles.
The cover sleeve reports an article about the anarcopunk movement.Good recordings although totally DIY and a colour sleeve finish this amazing split tape.It was released by the Jar Kore Records,a little totally diy label managed by the anarchist punk collective of Mexico City:Joventud Antiautoritaria Revolucionaria. 
 Both bands seem to be still active.