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Friday, 21 October 2016

ATRAX MORGUE-Collection In Formaldeide-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-1994)

Atrax Morgue was Marco Corbelli,here a wabpage where you`ll find all the info and the discography too.
Slaughter Productions was his own label releasing mainly his own music and similar artists playing death industrial and noise.I already posted few intersting releases by this label,you`ll easily find them using the search box of this blog.
This tape was released in a special package back in 1994 and then re-released as Cd-r by the same label in 2002.
The Italian harsh noise label Urashima re-released it as vinyl in 2014.
Enjoy it.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

SABIR-Fones-(Self Released-Spain-2004)

"SABIR was the lingua franca spoken in the Mediterranean ports during the medieval times, a language based on Catalan, Greek and Arab elements among others.It was born like a kind of natural progression due to the socialising of the merchants for whom the sea had become their home; people from many different cultures who were shaping their need to be understood by means of this new born language.
SABIR gives us the image of the two furthest pillars in the Mediterranean sea: on the one part we have Greece, cradle of the Western civilisation, and on the other shore the Iberian land. Two places that define the ends of the sea shared by these two lands through which, from the ancient times, sailed the ships of merchants, pirates, romantic travellers and all kinds of adventurers. These people had turned sea shore settlements into culturally rich villages and were participating in this exchange of experiences and ways of understanding and living with other lands. In a similar way the three members of the Greek-Spanish group SABIR include into their repertoire traditional pieces from Mediterranean countries, as well as others which are original compositions but still strongly influenced by the traditional music of the Balkans, Persia, Greece, Flamenco or Western Medieval music.
In a concert of SABIR ancient and oriental modes are merged with asymmetric rhythms and improvisations performed with instruments such as the Indian tabla, the hurdy-gurdy (mediaeval bowed string instrument), flamenco guitar, the santoor (Persian psaltery), saz (Turkish lute) or the zarb (Persian percussion instrument).(from youtube)
As far as I know they are part of  L`ham De Foc   one of the leading groups of a new folk movement in Spain that works the traditional roots into a new modern music concept.

Enjoy It.
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Monday, 17 October 2016

v.a.-THE UNKNOWN n11-September 1990-(Rain Tapes-UK-1990)

Number 11 of this compilation series edited  and distributed by Julian Smyth who was running this tape label called  Rain Tapes during the 90s in Wales. 
I posted already two other compilations of this serie:The Unknown 13 and The Unknown 14 and also another one simply called Rain Tapes International each issue was coming in a different colour and an insert with track list and band addresses
In this long sampler lots of bands playing rock,punk,new wave and similar genres.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday, 16 October 2016


A very nice postcard handpainted by Vito of  Edizioni Storie Tese
punk label active in the mid 80s untill the early 90s.

DRIFTWOOD n3 + DRIFTWOOD n4-(Self Released-Canada-May/June 1995)

Driftwood was a small fanzine created and distrubuted by Eric Boros an artist already covered in this blog with his projects: Hermit and Third World Planet.
Still very active in varius projects today,he also play guitar with Vialka.
He has been immersed in the global underground for the better part of the last twenty years. He is a self-taught guitarist, experimental multi-instrumentalist, improviser and composer, cassette archivist and performance artist, curator and networker, photographer, and translator.
Those small fanzines are full of graphix,poetries and personal writings.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday, 15 October 2016

TRIBEZ OF IDIOTZ-Op Ons Dooie Akkertje-(Tribal Chant-Holland-1993)

8 well recorded tracks of pure ska punk in a professional tape with colour cover sleeve.
This band from Holland will make happy all the lovers of this musical genre.
Enjoy it.
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Friday, 14 October 2016

ZARAZA-Slavic Blasphemy-(Musicus Phycus-Canada-1997)

Zaraza means Plague in polish,this is an amzing project by polish musicians living in Canada.
"Formed in Montreal, Canada in early 1993. They combined elements from doom/death metal with those of eastern european industrial. Imagine Laibach doing metal.
The project was laid to rest officially in July 2006."(from discogs)
A wikipedia page about them is here.
"Debut 1997 CD of this legendary Canadian duo.
Total experimental industrial doom death metal annihilation.
Head-on collision of old-school doom/death metal (Unholy, Winter, My Dying Bride) with the ugliness of old-school industrial (SWANS, Laibach, Skin Chamber).
Chosen as one of the Top 10 Albums of 1998 by Gino Filicetti (Chronicles of Chaos webzine). "(from their archive.org page)
Enjoy it.